Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Meet Evelin....she could be your new personal assistant

I met Evelin at a networking group called Mommapreneurs and I thought that she owned a unique business and could really help some of my friends that run their own businesses or that need a little help with the organizing side of is Evelin's story!

I founded Embrace Your Space to fulfill a passion and it has changed my life! I work with women who want to get the most out of their space and simplify their lives. As a Professional Organizer, I strive to motivate and support my clients with confidentiality, compassion, and hands-on organizational skills. Hiring a Professional Organizer is an investment in your quality of life!

If you think you would like to get started the first step would be to set up a Consultation. This usually takes about an hour and includes a walk through of your home and/or office. During the consultation we will gather information that will help us determine your organizing preferences and identify any frustrations you may have with the space. You will get some instant ideas to implement right away! I also offer Gift Certificates as an excellent way to give your friends and loved ones a unique gift that will benefit their lives!

If you are a woman in business who could use more time, you may benefit from hiring a Personal Office Assistant. When you are willing to commit to what you do best and delegate the rest, the resources come. This often takes a huge leap of trust so take your fear with you and make the jump! When you are no longer doing tasks like maintaining filing systems, updating you database, managing and answering e-mail, bookkeeping, etc. you will have a lot more time every week to do what actually makes you money, which makes it possible to hire an assistant. :) Imagine.. doubling your resources without hiring an employee!

You can visit Evelin at her website or give her a call at 801.701.7310

You owe it to yourself and your business!