Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It all started with my love for boutiques....

I always loved the idea of boutiques. I loved the goodies and the networking and idea sharing that was done between the vendors. I tried to get into several boutiques, but they never had room for me or they already had a vendor for my company. That is when I decided to start my own boutique...why not? I hosted my first two last year and they went ok, we didn't have the best turn out, but I learned from each of them. Here I am getting ready to do my third boutique and I am so excited. I am excited for the wonderful women who are participating and the wonderful products and business ventures they have to share. I am also excited that this will be the first "official" launch for my newly named boutique, Sweet B Boutique. With my first two boutiques I just used a general name like Holiday Boutique or Halloween Boutique. I didn't feel like it was "official" until I named it and I had been thinking of what to name it for a long time. I wanted it to mean something and be catchy at the same time. I looked online at what other people have named their boutiques, but nothing stuck or caught my eye or really meant anything to me. It wasn't until I sat down and wrote a list of everything important to me that everything else fell in place. My daughter came up to me and wanted me to hold her and then she gave me a kiss and said, "I love you Momma". I didn't have to think hard after that. My daughter, Brooklynn, was at the top of my list and I don't think she could be any sweeter! My husband is lucky his name starts with the letter "B" too, so he doesn't feel left out!
Do you think I could have used the word, Boutique, any more times in this post??