Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Please pass this along...

HI there! So So all of you Sweet B Boutique Blog readers aren't familiar with me yet. I am Aaron {female} and I designed the logo, button and blog for the boutique. I am not educated in graphic design it is just something I have picked up on here and there and have found a passion in doing recently. In the past my work has been geared more towards custom invitations, announcements, etc., however I have really been enjoying helping with the Sweet B blog and have loved making new contacts to help with their needs on this end. With all this being said I have decided to put my name out there and announce that I am available to design blog buttons, logos and any small blog design work.

If you or anyone you know could benefit from this please contact me. My prices are quite reasonable and I am absolutely willing to work with you until you get exactly what you are looking for.

I am in the process of setting up a shop on ETSY.COM and have really been promoting my other products locally. So please keep me in mind for many things. I do many different things. I am kind of a jack of all trades girl : )

*Photography {I recently did graduation photos for several people locally}
*Custom Invites, Announcements, Business Cards, Stationary, etc.
*Logo & Blog Button Design, Business Cards, etc.
*Gourmet Marshmallows in fun and unique flavors
*Gourmet Baked Goods - My cakes are known quite well locally! I also do cake bites!
*Gourmet Doggie Treats - I also sell these locally! With a portion of the money going to the local Humane Society!

So that is just a sampling of things that I do! I think its wise I end this post before it gets too long and before I talk about myself too much. {Thats just not good for anyone} ha ha!

Just please keep me in mind for anything that you may need, I am very flexible with my time, prices and products!

Thanks for your time and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE tell everyone you know about the Sweet B Boutique and encourage everyone possible to come out to the show this weekend! If we all work hard to promote it we could really see this boutique turn into something larger in the future and EVERYONE benefits from that!!!

Happy Shopping and Selling On Saturday!

Aaron Greenwood

{please excuse my own blog, I havent given it much love lately and it needs help!}