Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's All In The Name...

I just love the name of Tiff's company, Lux & Lavish. It makes me feel like I have style...and everyone knows that I don't! Tiff offers a variety of handbags, wallets, & key finders. What is a key finder you ask? You just hook the key finder over the edge of your purse and your keys hang conveniently inside. Never dig through your purse to find your keys AGAIN! I think the martini glass purse finder(pictured here) is so cute!
Tiff is offering a special at Saturday's two purses and get a purse finder for FREE!

Click HERE to visit Tiff's website and join her mailing list. Also, make sure to visit The Little Red Box by clicking HERE to learn how you can win a purse and key finder just by attending the Sweet B Boutique on Saturday!!